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Ryobi One + Battery

Up until a few weeks ago I would have said that there hasn't been much real innovation coming from tool manufacturers of late; a lot of product development seems to focus either on delivering more power or on enhancing the tactile nature of tools. Important, yes, but not necessarily inventive. Ryobi is taking the lead in innovation with the recent introduction of its new "One+ System". The One+ is a simple concept; makes me wonder why no one had thought of it earlier.

If, like me, you like cordless tools, then you probably have several around the shop and home. More than likely, you have a separate battery and charger that goes with each tool. Six cordless tools; six batteries, six chargers. And have you checked out the price of replacement batteries lately? Take an Aspirin before you do. And can you use your batteries interchangeably? Likely not; certainly none of mine are, even for tools from the same manufacturer. You see where I’m going with this don't you?

With their One+ System the clever folks at Ryobi have designed a battery that works in every 18 volt portable tool they’ve ever made - or will make. One charger, one battery, and a raft of cordless tools. Clever indeed. Decide you need a couple of more batteries, buy them in a two-pack at a fraction of what most single batteries now cost. When you’re finished using a tool, remove the battery, plug in one of Ryobi's new lanyards (hanging attachment), and hang your tool in a convenient location, thereby freeing up the battery for use in another tool. By the time you read this a range of new Ryobi 18 volt tools will be on the market, including: drill/driver, hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jig saw, rotary tool, chainsaw, and the one I’ve been waiting for, a nailer/stapler. Canadian pricing on these products was not available at press time, but expect significant savings. Ryobi products are available exclusively from Home Depot. Check them out at www.ryobitools.com.


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