Ryobi Six-Pack & The RouterRaizer


Ryobi Six-Pack & The RouterRaizer

Ryobi Six-Pack - shown above
Limited for space? Travel with your tools? Check out the Ryobi “Six Pack”. It is the ultimate in combination tools. Six 18-volt cordless tools in a roll-around storage case and work station.

This Six Pack takes the freedom of cordless tools to an all-time high. Imagine, a cordless compound mitre saw, a cordless speed saw, a cordless reciprocating saw, a cordless circular saw, a cordless drill/driver and a flashlight all placed neatly in compartments in this roll-around tool center. In addition to all six 18-volt
cordless tools there is a one-hour diagnostic charger with three battery packs.

The new Ryobi Speed Saw is a cordless cut-out saw that runs at 26,000 RPMs and has power to spare. It’s the ideal tool for cutting openings in drywall for outlets and switches. Ryobi earns our full points for the innovative five star Six Pack.


Up until recently, router manufacturers have been reluctant to address the fact that routers are used upside-down and installed in router tables. I say they are reluctant to address this fact because no routers, that I know of, are router-table friendly. All are designed to be adjusted in the right-side-up position. This is especially true of plunge routers.

This situation has created a market niche for entrepreneurs like the people that designed and built the RouterRaizer.

The RouterRaizer is an ingenious way of raising and lowering your router bits from the top of the table. No more getting on hands and knees with a flashlight to set that panel-raising bit by 1/16th of an inch.

The kit is supplied with all of the necessary components for your particular router model and a detailed instruction booklet. Installing the kit should take no more than a half hour or so and I can tell you up front that you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. The kit we got for testing is for the Freud plunge router that happens to be one of the easiest under-the-table routers to adjust, the RouterRaizer now makes it a cinch.

A small hole is drilled into the router plate and after all of the parts are installed, you simply drop in the crank handle from the top of the table and turn to raise or lower the bit. It’s just that simple. If you only have one router in your shop, no problem. Just remove the router from under the table and use the same crank handle for adjusting the depth of the bit. The simplicity of the RouterRaizer gives it our five star rating.


GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS

Graham McCulloch


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