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Senco F-16A Cordless Nailer

Tasked with putting up a ceiling of V-joint pine in a boat-access cottage in early December, I had the perfect opportunity to field test Senco’s new F-16A, an incredibly portable cordless pneumatic 16-gauge angled finish nailer. Without the hassle of compressors and hoses I blasted through nearly 2000 2” nails over four days. At only six pounds, I appreciated its lightness on ladder work, while the 20-degree angled nose fit easily into tight spots. While the F-16A isn’t easy to stand up on a flat surface because the magazine protrudes below the battery, it has a great belt-hook that makes up for it. There’s no lag time when you pull the trigger, so I could keep a good pace up throughout and never had to deal with fuel cell changes, cleaning, or fumes.

The F-16A’s single 18V Li-ion battery easily powered the nailer all morning, and then returned to nearly a full charge over a quick lunch. The nailer features a handy LED task light, battery gauge, and a roomy padded carrying case. I had one nail jam when I hit a hidden screw head, and the convenience of having a quick-release latch on the magazine got me back to work in about a minute without having to touch an Allen key. Overall Senco’s F-16A is a light, fast, clean machine that exceeded my expectations and quickly made itself indispensable in my collection of tools. 

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