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When you need to shape and smooth convex or concave surfaces, the spokeshave is the way to go. And for my money, nothing beats the feel and finesse of a wood bodied shave. Kansas City Windsor Tool Works produce a nice assortment of shaves in various sizes and configurations. Their new line of 'small shaves' includes a flat bottomed shave (for flat and outside curves), a bull nose shave (for both inside and outside curved work), and a cigar shave (for small radius inside curves). The flat and bull nose shaves are about 11⁄16" x 1" x 10 1⁄4" and the cigar shave is 5⁄8" x 3⁄4" x 81⁄4". The replaceable wear plates are made of metal. Depth-of-cut is managed by removing the blade, and adjusting the set screws found under the blade tangs. You can adjust your shaving thickness without adjusting the depth of cut: simply use one side of the blade for fine cuts and the other side for coarser cuts. These fully sharpened 1 1⁄2" wide A2 steel blades hold an edge very well, and come with concise sharpening instructions.

For shaping chair rails, rungs, furniture edges, working on tight inside or outside curves, a narrower blade on a small shave does a very effective job. These shaves worked just as well being pulled or pushed, on hardwood, softwood  or exotic woods, as long as the cutting action is with the grain of the wood. I got the best results when holding the shave blade at a skew to the grain. The shaves are feather light, and the delicate handles feel wonderful in the hand. They look great and with proper care will last a lifetime.
Kansas City Windsor Tool Works
Price: $118 (straight and bullnose), $95 (cigar)

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