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High Performer
We just received one of the best gluing tools that we have seen since “Crazy Glue”. Franklin International has just introduced the Titebond HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System and it has filled us with awe. This is a “hot melt” line of adhesives but with a difference. Franklin does not use glue sticks. Instead, the adhesive is in a 50 g capped metal container that you insert into the cordless glue gun. The glue gun is then placed into the heater unit for about 10 minutes. A green light tells you when the adhesive has turned to liquid and the gun is ready to use.
There are three types of adhesives that come with the kit, all based on polyurethane chemistry. The WW30 hot melt glue is a woodworking glue that sets up in 30 seconds. The WW60 is also a woodworking glue that fills gaps and sets up in 60 seconds. The third hot melt glue is the MP75 and is an all purpose adhesive that will glue almost anything and has a 75 second set-up time.
The HiPURformer is a bit pricey and it won’t totally replace your liquid glues. However, it is a time saver and you will find a multitude of uses for it in your shop. The initial kit, including the gun, heater and a 50g tube of each of the three adhesives sells in Canada for about $220. The replacement glue tubes run about $14 each. Having said all that, I must emphasize that a very little bit of this glue goes a long way.

We tested both the WW30 and the WW60 woodworking adhesives on the rough end grain joining of pine, oak and maple. The full cure time is 24 hours, although 10 minutes is enough time to start handling the joint. After 24 hours the 30 develops 1360 psi and the 60 develops 1480 psi. The 75 is an all purpose adhesive that will, with few exceptions, bond anything to anything and develops 900 psi after 24 hours of cure time.
We tried breaking the wood joints with some powerful hammer blows. The joints did not fail, the wood samples, however, did. All of the polyurethane adhesives are waterproof.
The Titebond HiPURformer deserves our ★★★★★ rating.

Ryobi has become very aggressive in its marketing and is rounding out its line of woodworking tools. There are two new ones that we have tested and can tell you right up front that these are great tools for the weekend woodworker. They will do all that they promise and more.
The latest is a Combination Router and Router Table that sell in Home depot for $179. That is a real bargain considering the high quality of the tools.
The router is a ¼” tool and develops 25,000 RPMs and has some great features. The dual depth gauges are very convenient when using a freehand router. They also make for easy reading when the tool is working under the router table. We liked the ‘D’ base and the see-through base for freehand routing. It features a locking shaft and single wrench for bit changing.
The R161RT has a nice feel and balance to it. You’ll appreciate just how easy it is to install or remove from the router table.
The included router table has a 1” thick top and measures 12” deep x 24” long. The stamped steel base stands 12” high and has a built-in power switch. The fence is solid but has an adjustable left side to use when removing stock (as in jointing). A miter gauge and standard (¾”) miter slot are also included.
That’s quite a package for such little money. We give the R161RT ★★★ for quality and value.

RO Sander
The RS241 is a Random Orbital Sander from Ryobi and has a 2.4 amp motor that turns at 12,000 OPMs. The RS241 has a spin control to prevent damage to the workpiece on start-up.
Also included in the $70 package is a felt type base pad that can use adhesive backed 8 hole disks and a conversion pad for hook and loop disks. A very efficient dust collection bag is attached and may be adapted to a collection system.
The sander is comfortable in the hand with no excessive vibrations and is small enough to get into tight areas.
All of the Ryobi woodworking tools offer a 30-day return and a two-year full warranty. The RS241 is a ★★★★ tool.

Talking about sanders, Craftex (the Busy Bee tool label), has a tool that we’ve been testing for some time now. The B2322 is a bench top Oscillating Spindle Sander with some great features. First, if you have never used one of these tools, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. They’re great!
The B2322 is a heavy duty machine with an effective dust port, a 7.5-amp motor and a tilting cast iron table. The table tilts to 45 degrees one way and 15 degrees the other. A 90-degree stop pad keeps it straight.
This is a quiet machine. You’ll hardly notice that it is on and it runs very smoothly. The spindles are a cinch to change and the B2322 will accept sizes from ¼” to 3” diameters.
A ★★★ tool from Busy Bee Tools & Machinery.

Tool Test Rating System
★...................below average quality
★★............... average quality
★★★............ very good quality
★★★★........ excellent quality
★★★★★....  top of the line

GRAHAM McCULLOCH is a woodworker and writer living in Halifax, NS
Graham McCulloch

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