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Tormek T-7/TNT

Sharp tools make for easier, more accurate and more enjoyable woodworking. By far, the most popular sharpening accessories for honing blades and chisels are waterstones. Unfortunately, most grinders come with conventional dry grinding wheels, typically spinning at speeds of up to 3,750 RPM – enough to ruin the temper of your tool. Turning at a slow 90 RPM, the Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Sharpening System (, with its 2" x 10" wide sharpening wheel, will put the perfect edge on all your shop tools (as well as your kitchen knives and garden tools). The exclusive Square Edge Jig, included with the T-7, changes the task of grinding tools square from tricky to foolproof. The jig references from the flat side of the tool for unparalleled ease in tool mounting. It has travel limit stops that prevent you from running the tool off the edge. The T-7 System also includes the Angle Master, honing compound, stone grader, diamond truing tool, handbook, instructional DVD, and a generous 7 year warranty.

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