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TradeMaster Multi Tool TM11043

In addition to our recent review of more than a dozen oscillating multi-tools, there is one more entry in the category. The TradeMaster Multi Tool Kit sells for $89.99 from Home Hardware and is similar in looks and performance to the King Canada and ROK models that we reviewed. The corded 1.8 Amp TradeMaster multi-tool runs smoothly and features a variable speed motor ranging between 15,000 and 21,000 oscillations per minute, and has a somewhat short cord at 7 ft.

Overall the kit is comprehensive, but the blades could be of better quality. The unit includes a triangular sanding pad and 15 papers of three different grits, a Benchmark brand scraping blade, offset saw blade and round segment saw blade. The included blades are suited for light duty cutting in soft metals, wood and plastic; when I cut into a piece of poplar it peeled the paint on the blade and started smoking almost immediately. Benchmark also makes a grout removal blade, and a bi-metal e-cut blade, but blade options don’t stop there – the TradeMaster universal adapter accepts most other brands of accessories and non-proprietary blades are becoming available.

Interestingly, my local Home Hardware Building Centre has started carrying a variety of exchange A-BLADE oscillating tool accessories that allow you to buy, use and then exchange worn multi tool blades for new ones while saving money and keeping blades out of the waste cycle. Specific adapters are available for a variety of different brands at about $5 each, and several different sizes of flush cut blades, scrapers, a rasp, sander and grout remover are available ( —Matt Dunkin

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