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Shop Tested: A diamond in the rough?


Trend Classic Professional

I have been using Trend’s new Classic Professional MK II double-sided diamond bench stone since June and it has come in handy many times. The strengths of diamond stones are that they come absolutely flat and are incredibly easy to maintain. This stone has a coarse side (300 grit) and a mid-range (1000 grit) side. I think diamond stones excel while flattening the backs of irons and chisels, and for any sharpening situations where you would have the potential to damage a softer water stone; the edges of card scrapers are a perfect example. Speaking of water stones, the diamond stone also comes in very handy for keeping them flat. As a durable working stone in my toolbox, or for the above-mentioned tasks, a diamond stone is something you should consider adding to your sharpening kit. The Trend stones come with a fabric tool holder, a cleaning block and a non-slip mat. For more information, visit

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