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Tripar Xylophone Kits

Looking for a great gift idea this year? Why not make some music? Making a xylophone from any of the three kits from Tripar is one of the simplest woodworking projects, if you have the bars. These xylophone bar kits, now available in three scale ranges, with each bar tuned to the required pitch, produce a pleasant musical scale. To help amateur musicians, all bars now come stamped with the corresponding note, such as C, C#, etc.

The stamped bars are made from .075” thick x 1” wide steel, deburred for complete safety, and zinc-plated to keep them looking shiny for years to come. Each kit comes with comprehensive yet simple instructions for making a simple xylophone. The xylophone can be as simple as a plank of wood with the bars evenly spaced and supported with soft foam or felt. Taper the plank for a more purposeful look, or use slender bars of exotic wood for added pizzazz.

Whether you are a grandparent or parent making the xylophone for (or with) your youngster, or looking for a simple project to help initiate your aspiring percussionist to the love of both music and woodworking, nothing could be more ideal.

The kits are available at Lee Valley and come in 8, 13 and 25 note sets that are priced at $4.95, $14.50 and $24.50, respectively. Visit for more information or to order.