The Ultimate Dust Collector CT145

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The Ultimate Dust Collector CT145

This new and innovative dual-function dust collector from Craftex has all the features any serious woodworker would be looking for. Developed by Anil Balolia, the President of Busy Bee Tools, this dust collector would be a great addition to any small shop. Extremely well built, this machine will not only act as a powerful dust collector around your shop, it will also clean your entire shop floor without the aid of any accessories. The unique and patented design by Craftex allows the user to go from a dust collector to a powerful vacuum with the simple open and close of the dual blast gate system. An opening on the base’s back end allows air flow to travel up the hose shaft and into the collector body. The vacuum action is very strong and will clean even the messiest of shop floors. The base is tapered so it will not scratch or damage your shop floor. The unit also features upgraded and extremely versatile castors for extra turning capabilities around your shop. By combining a dust collector and shop vacuum in one the CT145 eliminates one more tool from taking up valuable space on the small shop floor. Unfortunately, most small wood shop owners tend to forgo dust collection because of the lack of space. However, this dual-purpose, compact and powerful dust collector keeps the air cleaner in your shop while keeping its footprint to a minimum. The CT145 is available at any Busy Bee Tools location for an introductory sale price of $299. After late August the CT145 will return to the regular price of $399. Check it out at



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