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Product News: These slender pocket-size planes allow fine, controlled cuts in areas you could ordinarily trim only with a chisel. 


Veritas Detail Rabbet Planes

With very narrow soles, they are also useful for cleaning dados or grooves. Comfortable and easily maneuvered, they are relatively tall to provide a good gripping surface and have an upswept palm rest for registration in the hand. The ductile cast iron body has a fixed mouth, a 3" long sole, and is accurately machined and ground. The low 15° bed angle combined with the 30° blade bevel provides a 45° cutting angle. The lapped blade is made of O1 tool steel. A brass, one-piece lever cap/palm rest holds the full-width blade in place. It is made in Canada and available in five widths: ¼", 5/16"(8mm), ⅜", 6mm, and 10mm; sold separately for $65 or in sets of Imperial or metric sizes for $169.

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