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Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane

If you make furniture or cabinetry, you likely cut a lot of rabbets. When you have a handful of them to process, it makes sense to mill them on the router table or table saw. More often than not you’ll still need to fine tune the rabbet for a perfect fit. Rather than heading back to the router table, it’s just as quick, and much more enjoyable, to use a rabbet plane. And if you’ve only a few rabbets to mill, then using a rabbet plane is just as expedient as using machinery. The new Veritas Skew Rabbet Plane, available in both left and right versions, is the perfect tool for cutting rabbets with or across the grain. The Skew Rabbet has an A2 blade slanted at 30º that makes a lovely shearing cut, regardless of the grain orientation. Two features that I particularly like are the adjustable scoring spur, which practically eliminates tear-out when cutting across the grain, and the flush orientation of the blade against the body of the plane, which results in clean, square corners. A fine blade adjustment knob, comfortable handles, adjustable shoe, and blade alignment set screws round out this top-of-the-line hand plane.


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