Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig

Tormek’s Gouge Jig – now even smarter!

Tormek SVD-186 Gouge Jig

Tormek of Sweden, known for their innovative sharpening system, is now introducing the SVD-186, a further development of their popular gouge jig SVD-185. The Tormek gouge jig revolutionized gouge sharpening for many woodturners, allowing an exact repetition of the shape and edge angle.
The most significant change from a user perspective is the easy and precise click setting and the improved locking disc, which greatly ease the setting. The new version also handles wider tools.
The SVD-186 now fits up to 36 mm (13/8") wide tools (1), compared with its predecessor that handled 25 mm (1"). The new jig also has an improved locking disc (2), which greatly simplifies the fixing of gouges of all sizes; an upgrade requested by many users.
In addition, SVD-186 has a shortened lower sleeve (4) that facilitates an improved working with Tormek’s smaller machine models T-4 and T-3. The simple and precise click setting with a locking screw (3) ensures a fixed position, so an Allen Key is no longer needed when setting the jig!


“At Tormek, we always strive to make sharpening as easy as possible for our users. We want to create a positive experience around sharpening and continuously work to improve our products.” says Hakan Persson, CEO at Tormek. The SVD-186 replaces the SVD-185 and is now available from Tormek retailers. The price remains the same as for SVD-185. 

The Canadian distributor for Tormek is
Monday, September 5, 2016