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A nice accessory for the Tormek T7 or T3 - keeps water off the workbench


Tormek Advanced Water Trough

If you own a Tormek T-7, 2000, or an earlier model, then you can upgrade to this replacement water trough. The AWT-250 is specifically deigned to address a minor problem with the standard water trough - when sharpening long tools, or using the planer blade attachment (SVH-320), there is a tendency for water to drip off the edge of your tools, just beyond the reach of the trough, and right onto your work bench. The AWT-250 resolves this somewhat messy problem.

Stock trough on left with new trough, lip, and rubber feet on the right
Removable rubber feet help gravity do it's thing
The AWT-250 is the same size as the original water trough that comes with the Tormek, except that it has a longer angled lip. This lip accommodates a removable 6" x 12" chute, which catches virtually all the water that otherwise might drip over the side of the trough and onto your work bench. Additionally, there is a rare earth magnet installed in the base of the trough (though not exposed to the water, so it won't rust), which attracts steel particles ground from the tools. This simplifies cleaning out the trough after each use.

Rare earth magnet underneath the trough makes debris removal easy
All set up and raring to go
The AWT-250 comes with two rubber shoes that you can install on the honing wheel side of the Tormek. This tilts the Tormek enough that gravity will easily divert water towards the outside of the waterstone and into the water trough. There are small magnets attached to the shoes that make it easy to store them when they aren't required.

You can also use the trough without the lip
A very useful accessory, particularly if you do a lot of sharpening
I found that the Advanced Water Trough worked very well, particularly when sharpening turning chisels and using the SVH-320 planer blade attachment. My only minor complaint is that the chute can be too easily knocked off the trough. To be fair, when you're sharpening plane blades, chisels and small tools you really don't need the chute, so it can be placed aside.
For the price, and the convenience of not having to sop up water from the workbench, this is a nice accessory to have.


  • Fits T-7 and older T-3 models
  • Impact resistant ABS plastic
  • Removable chute
  • Rare earth magnet collects metal filings
AVAILABLE FROM:Find a retailer
MADE IN:Sweden

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Carl Duguay, October 2010
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