Tormek SE-77 Square Edge jig

Tormek Introduces New Square Edge Jig

Tormek SE-77 Square Edge jig

Ensure a 90° corner with this new Tormek jig! 
Tormek is now introducing the new SE-77 Square Edge jig - a further development of their SE-76 jig. The new design has two special screws that allow a fine adjustment to get a perfect 90° corner or set the jig for a slightly convex shape. 
Tormek continues to improve their range and their newest jig shows the company's dedication to providing solutions for the users. The adjustable side on the SE-77 allows the user to fine tune the setting by simply loosening one of the knobs and tightening the other. With this new design, you can always get your desired shape, straight or convex. 
Adjustable side (1). If needed, you can fine tune to get a perfect 90° corner. When using the smaller knobs, you can also sharpen to a slightly convex shape (2). 

The jig aligns the tool to its upper and flat side, which makes it easier to position at 90°. Movable screw for stable mounting. 

Safety stops prevent the tool from sliding off the stone. 

The SE-77 will be available in stores as from the second quarter of 2016. 
Monday, June 27, 2016