Tormek Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock

A worthwhile upgrade to the T7 or T3 if you add an additional grinding wheel


Tormek Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock

If you own a Tormek sharpening system you don't need to be sold on its benefits. The Tormek is a well constructed machine, made of durable, high quality components. However, as with all tools, it can be improved upon.
One of the minor inconveniences of the Tormek is that changing grindstones is not overly quick. The stone that comes with the T-7 is 220-grit, which cuts fairly quickly. Using the Stone Grader you can re-configure the grindstone to 1,000 grit; the resulting finish is very good. However, there are now new grindstones available to Tormek users; in particular, a Blackstone Silicon for high speed steel and a 4000 grit Japanese waterstone.
The new Tormek Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock (MSK-250) is an easy to replace shaft with a quick acting, tool-less, 'EzyLock' lock nut. This new shaft/lock nut combination makes changing grindstones a piece of cake. I took the existing shaft off my Tormek, and then installed the MSK-250 well within 5 minutes. As with the original shaft, this new shaft is made of stainless steel, a great benefit, as stainless steel won't stain, corrode, or rust as easily as ordinary steel, which is a consideration on a system like the Tormek that uses water to lubricate the grindstone. Of course, stainless steel will rust if it's scratched or abraded, though this isn't likely to happen with the MSK-250 on the Tormek, as it rides in nylon bearings, and is well protected under the Tormek's steel casing.

Original shaft (top)
EzyLock shaft (bottom)
EzyLock shaft with accessories
Once installed you won't need any tools for mounting and dismounting the grindstone; a special pitch on the left hand thread causes the rotation of the wheel to tighten the nut to the right torque. Removing a stone is very quick; simply turn the stone clockwise and the EzyLock nut automatically loosens.

You pull out the honing wheel to remove the shaft
The quick acting EzyLock nut
If you only use your Tormek on an intermittent basis, and you never change grindstones, then it may be a hard case to justify the $66 price tag to replace the shaft (which accounts for the 4-1/2 stars for this review). However, if you regularly change stones, or if you plan on purchasing one of the new stones, then an upgrade makes much more sense.


  • Stainless steel shaft, washers and EzyLock nut
  • Includes: EzyLock shaft, EzyLock nut, two replacement nylon bearings, cross pin, stone washer and drive wheel washer

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MADE IN:Sweden

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Carl Duguay, November 2010
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