ToughBuilt Organizers

An efficient way to carry small accessories and keep organized on the job site.

ToughBuilt Organizers

ToughBuilt Organizers

When heading out to do a quote, a site inspection, or just to visit a client, you don't necessarily want to cart a fully loaded tool bag along. However, you may want to have a few accessories on hand – tablet, smartphone, notebook, pens, flashlight, measure tape, and the like.

ToughBuilt has a range of four handy organizers – one of which should fit the bill for you. I recently looked at the two largest of their organizers, which offer the most storage capacity, yet are still compact and light enough to easily carry around all day. The iPad Organizer + Grid Notebook is designed to hold an iPad that is at least 6" by 8" – it will also accommodate any other tablet of the same size. If you don't  typically use a tablet then there is the Organizer + Grid Notebook L, which has most of the features of it's larger sibling.

Both are made of a heavy duty water resistant polyester fabric that is easy to keep clean. They feature a convenient top handle as well as a hand strap at the back – that makes it easy to hold the notebook when opened. On the front are three quick-access pockets with hook & loop closures. The larger of the three pockets will hold a smartphone (or other device) up to about 3-1/4" by 6" – just enough to accommodate a smartphone that has a protective cover on it.

The insides of both organizers are likewise similar – there are two pockets, One has a hook & loop closure, the other has a zipper and a convenient see-through mesh front that enables you to see the contents. There are also slots for 4 credit cards. The iPad Organizer has a hook & loop strap that prevents the cards from inadvertently slipping out. For some reason this is not included on the smaller organizer. 

Both include a ToughBuilt Grid Notebook (about $10 for a replacement 2-pack) with 75 sheets of 6-1/2" by 9" grid paper (1/8" squares) that are perfect for making quick sketches and notes. The steel coil binding makes it quick to flip through the notebooks. Curiously, the iPad Organizer has a slot for storing a pen or pencil, which the smaller organizer lacks.

Of the two, I find the larger iPad Organizer the more practical – the Organizer + Grid Notebook L lacks both the retention strap to secure credit cards and slot to store a pen or pencil. Plus, if you ever do upgrade to a tablet you'll have a convenient case to store it in. 

Great value in a practical, reasonably pricd business organizer for contractors, renovators, service technicians, tradespeople and the like.

  • Fits iPad 2 and newer (iPad Organizer only)
  • Top handle and hand strap
  • 3 external pockets, 2 internal pockets
  • Business card slots
  • Includes ToughBuilt Grid Notebook
  • Heavy-duty polyester construction

MODEL:TB-56-IP-C (iPAD Organizer)
TB-56-L-C (Organizer L)
PRICE:$17.50US - TB-56-IP-C
$26.25US - TB-56-L-C

Front: 3 front pockets

Inside - More pockets and a notebook
Carl Duguay
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