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Trees of the Northwest

If you live in the Northwest of the US or in Western Canada and you like trees - go out and purchase this little gem of a book. I don't think you'll be at all disappointed.
Duane Sept is a biologist, writer and professional photographer, and he's brought together his skills, experience and learning in all these three areas in this fabulous guidebook.
Duane takes you on a tour of 49 common trees that you're most likely to encounter in the parks, trails and foresst of Northwest North America. At 5-1/2" x 8", the book is small enough to slip into a knapsack for quick referral.
For each tree there is a a photo of the tree, seed, leaf, flower and bark, plus a small map that gives a general idea of the species range. In general these photos are excellent, which is important in a book like this, because they provide you with the clues needed to identify the trees you encounter on your excursions. There are a few photos in which the subject blends too much into the surrounding background, so what you see mostly is a forest of trees rather than a single specimen.

The text is clean, crisp and concise. Along with the common and botanical name, Duane provides you with basic information on the tree's size, leaves, bark, seeds, fruit, its preferred habitat, and approximate geographical range. He also provides a few tidbits of interesting information about the character of the tree. For example, First Nations peoples used the resign gum of the Grand Fir as a glue, and the bark was boiled with stinging nettles and used as a general tonic and for bathing.

Even if you don't live in the Northwest, if you're smitten with nature, and in particular our wondrous forests, you'll likely thoroughly enjoy reading Trees of the Northwest.



  • Introduction
  • Coniferous Trees
    • Cypress Family
    • Pine Family
    • Yew Family
  • Deciduous Trees
    • Maple Family
    • Birch Family
    • Willow Family
    • Beech Family
    • Health Family
    • Olive Family
    • Rose Family
    • Dogwood Family
    • Buckthorn Family
  • Glossary
  • Acknowledgements & Credits
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author
PUBLISHER:Calypso Publishing
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 96 pages
AUTHOR:J. Duane Sept
Carl Duguay, April 2012
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