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Trend Diamond Honing/Polishing Kit

TREND is introducing a complete diamond honing/polishing kit that is ideal for the flattening, sharpening and polishing of chisels and plane blades. 
Jamie LaMuraglia, Vice-President Sales for Trend Routing Technology stated, “ through constant interaction with woodworkers at shows and seminars throughout the USA and Canada, we have witnessed a renaissance in fine woodworking in the form of the utilization of classic hand tools.” LaMuraglia continued, “with this rapid resurgence of hand tool use, Trend has witnessed a corresponding desire to properly maintain chisels and plane blades. It has been a natural progression from piecing together the woodworkers needs item by item to offering a single comprehensive kit that contains the entire sharpening solution.”
The complete diamond honing/polishing kit contains: double sided 1000/300 grit fine/coarse monocrystalline diamond bench stone stored in heavy duty fabric tool pouch, honing guide with precision roller, horizontal clamping and angle setting device, 100 ml (3.4 oz.) bottle of diamond abrasive lapping fluid, 8” x 3” fine stropping leather, micro fine honing compound, cleaning block, non slip mat and James Barry’s Sharpening Made Easy DVD and sharpening booklet.
LaMuraglia concluded by stating, “Not only is this kit ideal for the sharpening and maintenance of plane blades and chisels, it is also perfect for the sharpening and maintenance of kitchen and hunting knives and the  300 grit side of the precision bench stone is perfect for the flattening of water stones – so, in reality, the customer is investing in an all-around sharpening, polishing and flattening system.”
The new Trend Diamond Honing and Polishing Kit will be available at the Woodworking Shows for $199.95 and it will be sold through authorized Trend distribution. The part number is DWS/KIT/B.