Trim Carpentry - For Pros by Pros Series

31 of the best trim articles taken from past issues of Fine Homebuilding magazine


Trim Carpentry - For Pros by Pros Series

Perhaps you're an avid DIYer looking to do some trim work around your home. Or maybe you're an experienced renovator looking to improve your skill set.  Either way, you'll find a wealth of information in 'Trim Carpentry'.

The book is comprised of 31 articles taken from past issues of Fine Homebuilding magazine - the trade magazine that just about every carpenter, renovator and home builder that I know subscribes to. If you don't subscribe to the magazine this is the best way to get all the most recent (up to late 2011) articles on trim carpentry without having to track down back issues from your local library, or from your friends.
The articles are all written by seasoned professional carpenters, so you know that you're not getting rehashed information scraped off the internet - these are guys who make a living working wood.

The book covers some basic stuff - how to approach trim work, installing baseboard, using alternatives to solid wood - and a range of more advanced techniques, like coping moldings and trimming out windows.
The articles are supplemented by good quality photos, which I appreciate, and detailed illustrations, which I find invaluable. A good illustration, I find, is better able to present details in a three dimensional format.
This is a great reference book, that just about any tradesperson will enjoy.

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  • Introduction
  • Part One: Basics
  • Part Two: Baseboard and Crown Molding
  • Part Three: Trimming Windows and Doors
  • Part Four: Paneling
  • Contributors
  • Credits
  • Index
PUBLISHER:Taunton Press
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 234 pages
AUTHOR:Fine Homebuilding
Carl Duguay, July 2012
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