Two Cherries 4-Piece Problem Solver Kit Review

A convenient set of high quality chisels especially handy for job site work.

Two Cherries 4-Piece Problem Solver Kit

Two Cherries 4-Piece Problem Solver Kit

Two Cherries Tools isn't a 'Johnny-come-lately' company – they've been in business since 1858, and while production technology has obviously changed over the decades, there is still a fair amount of skilled hand work involved in the production of their tools. They certainly must be doing something right to still be in business after almost 160 years. Check out this short video for a quick peak at how the chisels are made. 

According to the company, Two Cherries chisels are forged from high-carbon steel, heat treated by hand in an immersion bath, and hardened to Rockwell C61. The blades are polished to a mirror finish and then lacquered. The hardwood handles are fitted with dual steel hoops to prevent splitting.
Their 4-Piece Problem Solver Kit (#500-1850) consists of four chisels meant for situations where a standard chisel might fall short. The set consists of 1" (26 mm) and 5/32" (4 mm) bevel edge straight neck chisels, a 3/4" (20 mm) curved (bent neck) chisel, and a 1/2" (12 mm) firmer gouge (bevel on the outside) with a #6 sweep. The kit will likely be of greatest interest to finish carpenters, cabinet installers, renovators, and other tradespeople, than to furniture makers. However, hobbyist woodworkers and avid DIYers who have a meager selection of chisels might find this set quite useful. 
Sturdy, practical storage box

The 500-1850 comes in one of the nicest boxes I've seen in some time. It's made of solid beech and plywood, has box joints, is glued together rather than nailed, the box edges are slightly rounded over, and it has been spray finished with lacquer. This makes for a good looking, sturdy box that will protect it's contents for quite some time, and make it convenient to transport the kit to and from a job site.

Nicely fitted hardware

Even the press-fitted hardware on the box is notable. All told, it gives the impression of care, quality, and attention to detail, and is as much as statement about the chisels inside the box as it is about the company. 

The 500-1850 set

Each chisel has its own slot in the box, and all have a protective plastic tip guard. You can see how the handles are graduated in length and width to suit blade width. The 1" chisel is a handy work horse, ideal for any rough chopping work, while the dainty 5/32" chisel can be useful when you need to clean out tight corners or square up keyhole mortises. With the firmer gouge you can flutes, grooves, rounded recesses, or shape curved edges. The cranked neck, by far my favourite of the lot, is invaluable for cleaning out corners and rabbeting work. It keeps your knuckles off the work, and makes it easy to 'persuade' the chisel with a mallet when needed – without damaging the work piece.

Hornbeam handles

Along with the graduated size, the handles have a flat section cut along the top and bottom. I find that this makes them very comfortable to hold, provides good overall tool balance, and helps to keep them from rolling around the bench top when you lay them down.

L to R: 1" straight bevel, 3/4" bent neck, 1/2" firmer, 5/32" straight bevel

The blades are cleanly ground, nicely polished, with no discernable variation along the length of the neck. As with virtually all brands of chisels these are ground sharp, but not honed, On the 1" and 5/32" chisels the sides are square to the neck, however on the bent neck chisel the edges are beveled by about 1-1/2 degrees. The backs of the straight and bent chisels are consistently flat across their width and along their length – 1" back from the tip on the 1" chisel, and about 5/8" back on the bent chisel. I find this quite acceptable, as typically I only flatten an inch or so of the back. Finish carpenters and renovators can take these chisels straight to work, while anyone using them for furniture or cabinetry work will likely want to hone the bevels. I found that it took about the same amount of time to hone these chisels as any other brand in my shop.

A useful set of 'special purpose' chisels

I noticed that the edges on the chisels wore down fairly quickly straight out of the box. This is possibly due to the effects of slight overheating when the chisels are polished at the factory. Regardless, since the second sharpening, which I did on a Tormek, they have been holding a sharp edge very well. 

The 4-Piece Problem Solver Kit provides a nice assortment of chisels for chopping, paring, and shaping. The chisels are well balanced, comfortable to use, easy to resharpen, and hold an edge well. While you might not find all the chisels equally useful on a regular basis, you'll be glad to have them on hand when that special need arises.


  • High carbon steel
  • Hand forged
  • Hardened to 61C Rockwell
  • 25-degree bevel angles
  • Hornbeam handles with 2 ferrules
  • Includes wooden case
  • Includes: 4 & 26 mm bevel edge chisels, 12 mm firmer gouge (#6 sweep), 20mm curved chisel 
COMPANY:Two Cherries
PRICE:$174.90 US
MADE IN:Germany
SOURCE:Two Cherries

Carl Duguay
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