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Tells you just about everything you need to know to embellishing your home with trimwork


Ultimate Guide Trimwork

There are all sorts of things you can do to dramatically change the look, feel and character of your home. The Ultimate Guide: Trimwork shows you how easy it is to use trimwork and moulding to turn 'ok' rooms into 'wow' rooms.
The first chapter, 'The Power of Trimwork', provides an overview of how trimwork has evolved as housing styles have changed since the 1700s. If you already know what kind of look you want to achieve with your trimwork, then you can skip this chapter; otherwise, it will give you some ideas for trim systems for your home. It's a fairly cursory overview, so you still might want to do some research on the particular style you're looking to achieve - Modern, Colonial, Arts and Crafts, Federal, Oriental and the like.
The next seven chapters (almost 2/3 of the book) provide practical instruction on how to install various kinds of trimwork, including door and window casings, chair rails, wainscoting, crown moulding, and mantels. I found the text clear and concise, and the photos large, bright and detailed. Most of the chapters include a detailed illustration showing how parts fit together. The authors tell you what skill level is required: easy enough for novices; challenging, but doable for those with patience and willingness to learn; and difficult for all but experienced DIYers. Additionally, the authors provide a list of tools and materials required for each topic covered.
Once you install trimwork, you need to finish it, and chapter eight describes how to paint or apply clear finishes. The chapter is only five pages long, and you really can't expect that the topic will be covered adequately. If you are a novice DIYer, I recommend purchasing a book focused exclusively on wood finishing. The best one that I have read is 'Understanding Wood Finishing' by Bob Flexner (ISBN: 978-0762101917).
The next two chapters deal with materials and tools. There is a good presentation on lumber characteristics and sheet goods, fasteners, and adhesives. This is followed by an overview of the tools you need to tackle the job. If you are a novice DIYer, then you'll really benefit from reading these two chapters before attempting any of the topics covered in this book.
A resource listing, glossary and index round out the book.
In general, I found this book to be of very good value. The main section on installing trimwork is well done and covers just about anything that DIYers would likely want to undertaken on their own. The authors could have defined terms early on in each chapter - for example, the term 'jamb' isn't really defined at all in chapter two. Nor is it included in the title of the chapter, though the first item the authors show you how to install is a door jamb (and then how to make one). The section on finishing was not overly useful, and in my view should have been either elaborated on or discarded. Still, if you plan on embellishing your home with trimwork, this book will tell you just about everything you need to know to get you on your way.
The Ultimate Guide: Trimwork is a 'Green Edition' book that is made from paper that includes post-consumer recycled fibre, manufactured in plants governed by strict environmental protection laws, and produced in the US.


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Design Basics and Projects
  • The Power of Trimwork
  • Door and Window Casing
  • Base, Chair Rail, and Wainscoting
  • Wall Frames
  • Crown and Cornice Molding
  • Beams, Columns, and Pilasters
  • Staircase Details
  • Mantels
  • Finishing Trimwork
  • Part 2: Fundamentals
  • Trim Materials
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Resource Guide
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Credits
  • Metric Equivalents
PUBLISHER:Creative Homeowner
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 288 pages
AUTHOR:Creative Homeowner

Carl Duguay
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