Kreg Universal Clamp Trak Kits

Universal Clamp Trak Kits

Kreg Universal Clamp Trak Kits

New Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits offer an easy way to incorporate versatile clamping into any workbench.
Kreg® Tool Company, a leading manufacturer of tools and accessories for woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers, is proud to announce the launch of all-new Kreg® Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits (Item# KKS2745 and KKS2769). These Kits make it easy to add versatile benchtop clamping capability to any workbench—whether it’s a new bench or an existing one.
Each Universal Clamp Trak™ Kit comes with longer versions of the same anodized aluminum Trak™ used in the popular Kreg® Klamp Table™, plus hardware and instructions that show how to incorporate them into a workbench. With these Traks™ and a couple of Kreg® Bench Clamps (sold separately) it’s easy to create a workbench and a multipurpose clamping station in one. Thanks to the Universal Clamp Trak™ Kit, cutting, routing, sanding, and building with Kreg® products have never been easier.


Two Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits are available:

27"x45" Kit (Item# KKS2745)
  • Includes one 27" Trak™ and one 45" Trak™
  • Designed to fit benches 30"x48" and larger
  • Compatible with 20"x44" Kreg® Universal Bench
27"x69" Kit (Item# KKS2769)
  • Includes one 27" Trak and one 69" Trak,
  • Designed to fit benches 30"x72" and larger
  • Compatible with 20"x64" Kreg® Universal Bench
Universal Clamp Trak™ Kits will be available in November of 2015 for $99.99 and $139.99 (US) respectively.
Sunday, October 4, 2015