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Durably made hose hanger that needs to be mounted high off the ground


UnReel Hose Hanger System

Having your garden hose sprawled beside the house not only looks sloppy, but it's a potential tripping hazard; you need to get that hose under control. The UnReel Hose Hanger System just might be your answer.
Made of a virtually indestructible high impact ABS plastic, this hose hanger offers a unique, and interesting approach to hose storage and control. The UnReel consists of two arms, between which the hose is looped, and a swiveling mechanism, which enables the arms to be pivoted downwards 90° and swiveled left and right as the hose is unreeled. Pretty ingenious.
You bolt the UnReel to the side of your house (2 lag bolts and plastic anchors are supplied), Unfortunately the accompanying instruction don't really specify how high off the ground to attach the UnReel to the wall (other than "mount the UnReel higher for longer hoses"). I didn't want the hose to be too conspicuous, so I mounted it 28" from the ground. Silly me, it's too low; I can't neatly wrap all the 50' of hose onto the UnReel. I quickly realized that in order to wrap all the hose onto the hanger I should have mounted the unit about 36" from the ground. For a 100' hose you would likely need to mount the unit at least 4 feet from the ground, if not higher. Which could pose a bit of an issue if you want to be discrete about how visible the hose will be.

Easy to install using the two lag bolts provided
Oops... install the UnReel at least 36" above ground level for a 50' hose, 48" for a 100' hose
Still, I'm reasonably satisfied with the UnReel. In the upright position it holds the hose securely, and when the arms are pivoted down, the hose feeds out neatly, one loop at a time. You could likely use the UnReel to store your air compressor hose.



  • 6-1/2" H x 7-1/2" W
  • Projects 12" when open
  • Pivots 90° down and left and right

MANUFACTURER:Ultimate Tool Group
MODEL #:None

Carl Duguay, March 2010
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