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Vancouver's Woodshop Co-op Collaborates With Groundswell’s Summer Marketplace

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The Woodshop Co-op looks to expand their community and debut their collaborative efforts at gorgeous Groundswell Marketplace Lounge this season!
Vancouver, BC – June 7th, 2017 –  The Wood Shop Co-op is pleased to announce its creative collaboration and debut as part of the Groundswell Community Marketplace Collective located at Granville Island Public Market, launched June 6th and continuing throughout the summer season.
The Wood Shop Co-op and Groundswell Community Marketplace invite visitors to engage in supporting meaningful social ventures this summer and have worked with Granville Island to establish a collaborative public marketplace on its grounds. The partners are striving to promote the ethos of a community driven economy where entrepreneurs are encouraged to incorporate social and environmental value in their work. The weekly market is located at Triangle Square on Granville Island. The market will run Tuesdays from June 6th to September 19th between11AM and 4PM.
The unveiling of The Wood Shop custom Groundswell Marketplace Lounge, built in collaboration with the Groundswell Social Venture Program Participants highlights the beautiful and unique pieces and their stunning wood designs created exclusively for the outdoor marketplace. A truly unique sense of craftsmanship is evident in a variety of raw, honest and functional pieces such as the lounges Fir Lam Harvest Table, lath art-style coffee table (made with reclaimed pine and fir trunks), relaxed crate and bench seating (made with reclaimed pine slats) inspired by Coastal BC’s natural and uninterrupted forested coastline.
The lounge was created with community in mind. The pieces and their arrangement are designed to facilitate a sense of connectivity by groups of all sizes.  Featured as part of the lounge, visitors will note various reclaimed wood surfaces, benches and trunks from Wood Shop’s Education Series: Shop Class Sessions as well as the Fairwood Home Collection. Creative and punchy design elements are woven into geometric patterns and pipe bases and sleek, smooth refinished Fir are accented by bold pops of colour throughout the space.  
In the spirit of collaboration, the lounge was designed and created in partnership with the Groundswell Community through a series of build days led by Wood Shop’s on-site education coordinator, Renee Michaud. 
The Wood Shop team is comprised of Chris Nichols, Jessica Valentine, Maxim Piché and Renee Michaud- all of whom come to the Wood Shop venture from various professional backgrounds, further illustrating the diversity afforded by the Groundswell Social Venture Program.
“We are a social impact venture, and therefore see opportunity in becoming a choice in alternative ways to engaging with spaces, the community, and the economy…. This is a chance to be a part of something bigger” states Wood Shop. “In part we do this by supporting various local and strategic partnerships to achieve what we call Community Development Initiatives, and the Groundswell Marketplace is one of them.”
Wood Shop strives to share the importance of community with marketplace visitors by highlighting its work with like-minded organizations (such as Groundswell) as well as other such partnerships (Hives for Humanity) to illustrate a sense of creativity and social responsibility.
Attendees who visit the Wood Shop booth adjacent to the lounge will receive a special promo code for $25 off their Shop Class Session registration.
Shop Class Sessions offer education woodworking workshops in the form of public group sessions, private group sessions and one on one Private Sessions with a trained woodworking educator.  The Sessions focus on the construction and finishing of handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture and home decor items such as tables, trunks and lath art style headboards and wall art. Anyone in search of a means to unleash their inner artist (or looking for crafty escape from desktop duties), the next session is set for June 10th: just in time for Father’s Day gift making or as a perfect opportunity to create special memories with Dad. To register for the Shop Class Sessions, or for more information on group sessions open to all levels, or to build your own private woodworking program visit the workshop. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017