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Veritas Shooting Plane

The mass of this plane, combined with its long base and low center of gravity, makes it both stable and effective. At 7-3/4 lb and just under 16" long, it is a substantial plane; you will appreciate the authority it provides when shooting.
The body is fully stress-relieved, ductile cast iron, with a sole and running surface machined flat and square to one another; the 2-1/8" wide running surface fits the classic Stanley #52 chute board. Three set screws let you compensate for slight inaccuracies in a wooden shooting board by adjusting the blade square to the workpiece. Loosening a brass locking knob allows you to adjust the mouth opening, while a stop-screw retains mouth settings and prevents contact between the blade and movable toe. You can set the adjustable rear tote at a comfortable angle for use with the sole upright or facing down.
A bevel-up plane, it has a bed skewed 20° to reduce cut resistance and make a shearing cut that leaves a clean finish on end grain. Combined with the 12° bed angle and 25° blade bevel, this yields an effective cutting angle of 35°. Includes a lapped blade, made of either O1 or PM-V11™ tool steel, which we find offer the best performance at low bevel angles. It uses the same 2-1/4" wide blades as our other bevel-up planes. A Norris-style mechanism combines feed and lateral adjustments for easy, precise blade setting.
Available in right- and left-handed versions.
Made in Canada. Patented.