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Heavy duty totes for carting larger tools to and from the job site.

Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes

Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes

Veto Pro Pac tool bags are consistently rated as the best on the market – particularly by tradespeople. The newest in their line-up is the CT Cargo Totes, which come in two versions. The LC model provides about 1 cubic foot of storage space, and the XL model provides about 1.5 cu ft.

While you can use the Cargo Totes to carry a wide range of gear, they're particularly useful for larger items - power cords, circ saws, recip saws, and the like.

Super durable 1800 Denier fabric

The body is made of 1800 Denier nylon fabric. 'Denier' is a measure of yarn thickness, and the higher the denier number the heavier the fabric. Nylon is a thermoplastic that is durable, resilient (deforms rather than cracks under stress) and resistant to abrasion, oils, and chemicals. While the body of the Cargo Tote isn't completely waterproof, it is highly water resistant. 
When the Cargo Tote is fully loaded there can be a lot of stress placed on the seams. To increase durability the handle straps are cross stitched and double riveted in place.

Big-mouth makes for easy access

The mouth is huge, opening up to about 15" by 24", so you can put all but the largest tools into the tote. Remember, this is a tote, not a tool bag per se, so the top doesn't close. Nor are there any pockets inside the tote – it's just one vast storage space.

Tough, waterproof base

The base on the Cargo Tote is made of 3mm thick polypropylene plastic that returns up a full 2-1/2" on all sides, providing an effective waterproof seal. Polypropylene is very durable, and resistant to heat, chemicals and oils. A series of 20 rivets secure the base to the body – it's highly likely that any amount of weight in the tote will separate the two.

Convenient D-rings

On both ends of the tote are large and small powder coated D-rings that you can use to attach a shoulder strap or carabineer. Veto Pro Pac doesn't include a strap, though you can order one (Tech Shoulder Strap, $24.99) or use a spare one you have on hand.

Thickly padded grips

The handle straps are made of nylon, and nicely covered with thick leather grips. You'll appreciate these then the bag is heavily loaded.

40 pounds of gear

I took the items that I normally store in my tool box (list below - excluding the square) and chucked them into the Cargo Tote. It easily accommodated the lot, with room for even a few more items. When filled, the tote topped out at 40 pounds. While there aren't any pockets inside the tote, there are two large 6" by 7" pockets on each side, and three slots – convenient for holding pens, knives, flashlights, and narrow tools.

The only problem with putting a lot of smaller items in a tote like this is in finding the smaller items that you can't put in one of the external pockets – they tend to drift to the bottom of the bag. You end up having to partially empty the bag to get at them, which can be a bit frustrating, and a waste of time.

12V Impact driver kit (driver, 2 batteries, charger, case)Hand saw & spare bladeDrill bit box
12V Drill driverFraming hammerDriver bit box
2 spare 12V batteriesSet of chiselsMisc accessory box
Corded hand planerFraming square25' power cord
Small clamps (2)Speed squareTorpedo level
Diamond benchstoneMalletMeasure tape
PliersVise gripsFlashlight
Tape (3 rolls)Knives (2)Marking pens
GlovesEar protectors 
I ended up using the CT-XL to transport larger items that didn't have their own storage boxes - worm drive saw, corded hand planer, power cords, and the like. The thickly padded handle makes it quite comfortable to tote the bag – especially when it's weighed down – but I much preferred a shoulder strap.

You can find a lot of additional uses for the Veto Pro Pack Cargo Tote - toting bulk items to and from a job site, carting gear for camping or fishing trips or to the beach or park for a weekend BBQ, carrying kindling or firewood into the house, hauling garden tools, or transporting photo or electronic equipment.

Tradespeople, renovators, and contractors looking for solution to carting larger tools to and from the job site will want to check out these Cargo Totes. Only time will tell how they'll hold up under day-to-day use, but given the company's track record for manufacturing quality products, I'm quite optimistic.


  • Size: 16.5" H x 17" L x 9.5" W
  • Body Fabric: 1800 Denier
  • Base: 3mm Thick Polypropylene
  • Grips: Leather
  • External Pockets: Two 7" x 6", Three Slots
  • D-rings: 2 Large and 2 Small
  • 5-year warranty

COMPANY:Veto Pro Pac
PRICE:#104.99 US
SOURCE:Dealer Locator
July 2014

Carl Duguay
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