Veto Pro Pac Laptop-Mobile Office Bag (LT)

A purpose specific bag designed for contractors, tradespeople, building inspectors and the like


Veto Pro Pac Laptop-Mobile Office Bag (LT)

The first thing you should know about Veto Pro Pack tool bags is that they were designed by a real life carpenter, Roger Brouard, whose hammered in more than a few nails. All Roger wanted was a super durable bag in which he could organize tools efficiently, where they would be dry and secure, and which would be easy to carry to and from a job site. When he couldn't find a suitable tool bag, Roger designed his own. Fast-forward two decades and Veto Pro Pack bags are widely considered industry standards because of their innovation and quality.
Veto Pro Pac offers eleven models, from the small, light, clip-on MB bag, with its 10 pockets, to the massive XL bag that can hold over 100 tools in it's 67 pockets. The newest addition to the Veto Pro Pac family are the Laptop/Mobile Office Bags. They were designed to meet the specific needs of contractors and tradespeople who need to tote around the technological apparatus that we've all become so dependent on — laptops, smartphones, tables computers, PDAs and the like — along with the usual paraphernalia that we need to run our businesses - work orders, invoices, business cards, and such. Think of it as the 'blue collar' equivalent to the business person's briefcase.
The bags come in two formats. The Veto LT model, which I looked at, and the larger capacity Veto XLT, which provides more room for hand tools.
The Veto LT is larger and heavier than a standard briefcase, weighing 11 pounds empty, and measuring approximately 7" deep, 16" wide and 14" high. It has a total of 3 zippered compartments (to house a laptop or tablet computer, files, folders, and the like) and 28 pockets and pouches that store a range of business paraphilia and assorted tools.

Large, comfortable handle          
At the top of the Veto LT we have a large durable handle that's made of 3/8" thick injection molded nylon. The handle is attached securely to the top of the bag with six stainless steel rivets. Nothing short of an blow torch is likely to damage this handle.
When I fully loaded the Veto LT it topped out at nearly forty pounds. Toting the bag by hand is made easier by an ergonomic over molded rubber grip, which provides ample hand cushioning. Optionally, you can carry the bag around with the padded 3" wide shoulder strap with convenient clip-on connection to large D-hooks at both ends of the bag.

Tough waterproof base    
The bottom of the Veto LT is made of 3mm thick polypropylene plastic that returns up a full 2-1/2" on all sides, making an effective waterproof seal. Polypropylene is very durable, and resistant to heat, chemicals and oils. My only concern are the six stainless steel rivets on the bottom - they provide a potential source of entry for moisture. I did test the bottom by sitting it in a 2" deep tub of water for half an hour, and was pleasantly reassured when no water seeped through the rivets.

Durable, resilient body       
The shell of the Veto LT is made of 600 denier nylon. 'Denier' is a measure of yarn thickness, and the higher the denier number the heavier the fabric. Like polypropylene, nylon is a thermoplastic that is durable, resilient (deforms rather than cracks under stress) and resistant to abrasion, oils, and chemicals. The body of the Veto LT isn't completely waterproof though, but water resistant. Carrying it to and from the truck or job site is fine, but you wouldn't want to leave it overnight in the pouring rain.
When the bag is fully loaded there is a lot of stress placed on the seams. I like that just about all the seams are double or triple stitched, and the D-rings are both stitched and riveted in place. It adds to the overall integrity of the bag.

Robust heavy duty plastic zippers         
Heavy duty plastic zippers make it easy to open and close the main compartments. There are a pair of large 1-3/4" tabs for each compartment, and 1/2" holes on the ends of the tabs enable you to lock the zipper. Because the zippers are sewn into place they can be replaced if damaged.

End panel 1
End panel 2
There are a lot of places to clip and store tools and accessories on this bag. On both end panels are large powder coated D-rings for attaching the shoulder strap, and small D-rings for attaching carbineers.
On one end you'll find two pencil pockets plus a 9" long tethered clip. I stopped attaching anything to the tethered clip because it flopped around too much, and hung below the base of the bag, sometimes getting caught under the base when I set the bag down.
On the opposite end panel is a stainless steel tape hook that is securely riveted to the bag.

Tool side of the bag        
There are two sides on the bag - one that is designed to hold tools, the other to hold a computer, some paper products, plus a smattering of small tools.
On the tool side of the bag is a single zippered compartment that houses 10 pockets and slots that will accommodate a limited array of small tools and accessories. On the outside of the compartment, as on the end panels, you'll find both large and small D-rings. Additionally there are two zippered pouches. Both are fairly small, but suitable for items that you want quick access to, — flashlight, screwdriver, small vise-grips, pliers, utility knife, spare blades, tape, and such.
Unzip the compartment and you have access to the main tool pocket. At the top are two medium sized covered pouches (3" x 7" and 2-1/4" x 7") that I use to hold a plumb laser and a laser distance measure. There is a business card holder, which will hold a couple of dozen cards, a pouch to store a mobile phone, two other pouches for storing various small tools, extra batteries, spare phone charger, and the like, and four narrow pockets that can hold pencils or slim tools. There is also just enough room to tuck in a compact drill/driver and a couple of batteries, or a small charger (though the charger for my Bosch PS31 was too large to fit in the bag).

Office side of the bag      
The opposite side of the bag is where you store your office gear. Here again are both large and small D-rings, plus a 7" wide by 8" deep zippered pocket, and a second pocket, 7" wide by 5" deep, that has a buckle closure. I keep a couple of notepads and a small calculator in the first pocket, and use the second pocket for storing extra business cards and various drill and drive bits. There is also a convenient key clip in that second pocket.
There are two large zippered compartments for storing a laptop, tablet computer or PDA, as wells as files, clipboard, and other paperwork. I found that I could fit my 16" laptop easily into the front compartment, plus about 1" thick worth of files and papers. In the second compartment there was room for a couple of reference guides, along with a square, torpedo level, bevel and some CD-ROMS.

Second compartment for additional storage 
The Veto Pro Pac Laptop-Mobile Office Bag (LT) isn't meant to replace a general purpose tool bag. At the most it will hold a compact drill/driver, and a coupe of dozen small hand tools and accessories. Rather, it's a purpose specific bag designed for contractors, tradespeople, building inspectors, and the like, to safely transport a computer and some print material to and from a job site.
If you like what the Veto Pro Pac LT has to offer, but think you need more tool storage space, then check out the larger capacity XLT Laptop-Mobile Office bag.
If you don't need to carry a computer around, but are still looking for a superior quality tool bag, have a look at the Veto Pro Pac tool bag comparison chart for the features that best suit your needs.
All Veto Pro Pac bags come with a unique 'Zero Downtime' 5-year warranty. If your bag needs repair the company will send you a replacement bag to use while yours is being repaired.



  • 7" D x 16-1/2" W x 14-1/2" H
  • 11 lb. weight (empty)
  • 3mm polypropylene waterproof base
  • 600 denier nylon waterproof body
  • Nylon handle with rubber overmold
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Coil Zippers
  • Exterior: 6 pockets, 1 tape clip, 1 tape strap, 5 D-rings
  • Interior: 20 pockets, 3 file folder slots, open slot, business card holder
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • 5 year limited Zero Downtime warranty

COMPANY:Veto Pro Pac
PRICE:$199.99 US
SOURCE:Dealer List

Carl Duguay
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