How-to Apply Wood Veneer to MDF using Contact Cement


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In this episode Jay White, from Oakwood Veneer, teaches you how to apply wood veneer to an MDF substrate using contact cement. Using the correct tools and application method is very important. Remember, in woodworking there are no shortcuts.

  • Three backers to use with contact cement in the field
  • Using gel-type contact cement - liquid versus gel
  • Applying to both veneer and substrate 
  • Using a mohair roller 
  • Obtaining an adequate glue line with 100% coverage 
  • Allowing tack time for drying and assess dryness 
  • Using wooden dowels or wax paper for separation 
  • NOT using a j-roller, INSTEAD using a carpet tucker, veneer hammer or scraper 
  • Applying one end to the other, with the grain, bear down with pressure

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