BTS-50 Portable Saw and Router Guide


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The BTS-50 and BTS-36 just made cutting boards or panels a whole lot easier. Cross cut full 4' x 8' panels and even 49" metric sheets on the BTS-50. They are designed to easily fit in a smaller shop and fold up for easy storage or taking to the job site. This will become a tool you wondered how you ever did without. No more struggling to cross cut on a table saw. This system costs less and provides better, faster results than most table saw cross cut systems. You can also add the exciting "X" &"Y" Router Kit option to either machine for precise "X" and "Y" Routing. Perform applications with our systems that you only dreamed about doing on a router table. No more "Mystery cuts" because the router is mounted on the top allowing you to always see what you are doing, unlike on a router table. 

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