Earlex HVLP Spray Station 5500 - Canadian Woodworking Magazine


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The Earlex Spray Station is truly the modern way to paint and consistently achieve a professional finish. The easy-to-use, quick clean-up system resists clogging, has maximum control, minimal overspray and creates virtually no waste. Favored by professionals and D.I.Y. alike, our sprayer's adjustable output control and three adjustable spray patterns allow it to perform equally well on both small, detailed jobs and large-scale projects. Water and oil-based coatings can be applied with the HV550 including thinned latex, varnish, wood preservatives, enamels, stains and solvent based paints. Now with convenient onboard storage for the spray gun, new 13' hose and power cord. The long carry handle makes moving the unit around your shop fast and easy. http://www.earlex.ca/earlex.php

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