Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

Festool MFT/3 Multi-Function Table

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A stable workbench is critical to most, if not all, cutting operations and assembly work. The inability to move the workbench from the workshop to the jobsite can be limiting. The MFT/3 multifunction table system is a versatile, flexible, and economical solution that enables you to achieve the same level of precision, regardless of location.

The Festool Multifunction Table (MFT) can be purchased as a Set version, ideal for cutting and routing applications, or as a Basic version, perfect for a wide range of applications that call for a secure grip on material such as sanding, routing, glue-ups and more. With an optimized work height, the larger MFT/3 provides a comfortable, sturdy platform for a long day's work.

A smaller version of the MFT/3-Basic, the MFT/3-MINI was originally designed for use with the Kapex Miter Saw. However, its compact footprint and lightweight portability provide an extremely versatile work surface for nearly any application, no matter the location.

Regardless of which options you choose, every element of the MFT/3 system was designed to deliver the ultimate in clamping and security for your material processing tasks, whether in the shop or onsite.

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