Festool's SYS-MFT-FX Clamping Set


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Exclusive and limited clamping set simplifies machining tasks when combined with a Festool MFT or similar grid-hole work surface or bench. Simplify machining processes and improve results with greater material stability and security. Kit includes two (2) ratchet-action, firm-gripping Quick Clamps, the versatile multi-positional Clamping Elements set with two (2) soft-sided broad dogs and levers with locking knobs. As part of this limited set, two (2) new adjustable low-profile fences and four (4) small surface dogs round out this set all neatly packaged in a Systainer SYS 1 TL. This set easily integrates with all Festool Systainers providing secure storage, easy transport, improved organization, and protection. FestoolCanada.com

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