Track Saw - New TS 55 R from Festool, Undoubtedly the Best


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Festool TS Plunge Cut Track Saws deliver the capabilities of a table saw, a miter saw, a radial arm saw, and even a panel saw, all with unmatched precision in a compact, portable design. Festool invented the guide rail/saw over 45 years ago, and has continuously set new and higher standards for laser-straight precision-cutting with the TS plunge-cut track saws.

Want to experience a track saw that makes laser-straight cuts every time? Or make a cutout in a very expensive piece of wood? How about creating glue-ready cuts without the need for rework? Well, the TS saws can do all of this and more.

Big on power, small in size, the TS 55 R makes quick work of sheet goods with greater accuracy and far more versatility than a panel saw. When paired with the MFT/3, it rivals the precision and capability of virtually every table saw or miter saw available. And, nothing beats the convenience of the TS 55 R for cutting down panels.

When you need more capacity, turn to the TS 75. MMC electronics mean that cuts will be burn-free and glue- ready, even in thick or stacked material. Plus, with the slip clutch, the risk of kickback is minimized. With 1600 watts of power and almost 2-3/4" of cutting capacity, cutting three or four sheets at a time is a breeze.

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