CM-4 Clamp Mate - Canadian Woodworking Magazine


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If you use clamps of any type then you need to see the CM-4 Clamp Mate. It firmly supports a wide variety of clamps including bar clamps, pipe clamps, "C" clamps, panel clamps or welding clamps and will make your clamping tasks 10 times easier and more efficient. The CM-4 Clamp Mate will securely affix to any common stud such as a standard 2" x 4" or, for full portability, consider using the Toronto Tool SH-36 Saw Horses. The CM-4 Clamp Mate will firmly hold clamps in perfect alignment and in the upright position. No more struggling to keep your clamps lined up or from falling over when you assemble cabinets, glue up panels, weld, solder or any other task that requires clamps.

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