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Virtual Wood Show 2021

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Rob Brown and Chad Martin at the 2021 Virtual Wood Show.

Adding Texture to Furniture and Woodwork

Friday, March 5, 2021

There’s only one thing nicer than a smooth, freshly finished piece of furniture. Rob Brown, editor of CW&HI, loves adding texture to his furniture and woodwork, and will be sharing his secrets on Friday, March 5th.

Join Rob as he shows you how to add texture to you work, often with tools you already have in your workshop.

He’ll cover texturing tools and techniques, and even discuss which wood types are best for providing a proper canvas for texturing. Before you know it you’ll be creating beautiful surfaces that people can’t keep their hands off.
Working With Museums

Saturday, March 6, 2021

It can be very rewarding to use your craft to give back to your own community. Chad Martin, sales director of CW&HI, is a woodworker who volunteers at historical museums.

Working with and supporting museums through woodworking not only helps you hone your abilities, but also opens the doors for learning new techniques, finding inspiration and educating future woodworkers.

He’ll talk about supporting museums and educating through woodworking, historical research and woodworking resources, and taking inspiration from museums and historical woodworking.