Wera Kraftform Kompakt Screwdrivers

Exceptionally well made, these screwdrivers will likely give you years of reliable service


Wera Kraftform Kompakt Screwdrivers

Not familiar with the 'Wera' brand of professional screw driving tools? Read on, I think you'll be quite impressed.
I recently looked at two Wera screwdrivers, the 27RA and 60RA, both in the 'Kraftform Kompakt' line. Wera has nine major product lines, and literally hundreds of screwdriver products. These drivers share a number of basic features. The standout feature on these drives is, in my view, the innovative Kraftform handle, which is about as close to a perfect hand-fitting handle as you can expect. The wave form design results in the whole hand coming in contact with the handle.

Another unique feature of these handles is that they consist of both hard and soft zones; the hard zones (black portion of the handle) make it easy for the handle to glide during repositioning, while the softer anti-slip zones (green portions) help your hand apply maximum force throughout the grip. The wave form design, coupled with the two zone composite materials, results in a natural, comfortable shape that helps to transfer energy to the driver, increasing torque, while at the same time, reducing wrist and hand strain. You really need to try the handle to appreciate how comfortable and effective it is.

The most ergonomic handle you will ever hold
Three-way ratcheting function
The second notable feature on these drives is the three-way ratcheting function, which of course isn't unique to Wera. However, on the Wera drivers the very fine gearing provides a high degree on control; you barely have to turn the handle for it to engage. You can quickly switch from right and left rotation, or choose a lock setting, by turning the aluminum collar on the front end of the handle. And, you can easily manipulate the ratchet with thumb and forefinger. Another nice features is that the hexagon shape of the collar keeps the drivers from rolling around when you place them on a work surface.

Press a button - open the bit carousel
 Bits are easy to remove
The 27RA has a 4-3/4" Kraftform handle, and a 4" steel tang with a 1/4" magnetic hex drive. It comes with 6 high quality magnetized short bits that store conveniently in the handle. You get two of the three most popular bit types: Slotted, Phillips and Square. The 27RA offers the neatest bit storage system that I have seen; simply press a button on the end of the handle, and it opens, revealing a bit carousel. Very clever. The magnet in the drive is quite strong; no need to worry about bits falling out.

Rapidaptor quick-release chuck
The Rapidaptor chuck automatically locks the bit into position
The 60RA has a 4-1/2" Kraftform handle, and a 'Rapidaptor' quick-release chuck with 1/4" magnetic hex drive. It comes with sixteen 3-1/2" bits and a carry case with an integrated belt loop. There is also a loop so you can hand the case on the wall for easy access to the bits. As soon as you insert a bit into the Rapidaptor quick release chuck, it automatically locks the bit into position; you don't have to move the sleeve. The Rapidaptor holds the bit securely and wobble free. To release the bit you simply push the sleeve forward.

Pull the sleeve, the bit pops out
Easily carried on belt
The outer ring on the sleeve is free spinning, which helps stabilizes the screwdriver when your using it (and it doesn't rub against your fingers). You get a good selection of high quality bits, though of course you can replace any of them with others that you use more frequently. I would have preferred magnetized bits; I find them pretty convenient for fishing screws out of an apron pocket, or when installing a screw in a tricky spot.

27RA bits
60RA bits and case
These aren't inexpensive screwdrivers, but they are exceptionally well made, and will likely give you years of reliable service. If you use a hand screwdriver on a regular basis, you won't find a more comfortable driver.


Both drivers
  • Kraftform ergonomic handle
  • Three-way ratcheting function
  • 1/4" magnetic hex drive
  • Aluminum collar
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 8-5/8" overall length
  • Steel shank
  • On-board storage for 6 bits
  • Includes: 7/32", 15/64" Slotted; #1, #2 Phillips; #1, #2 Square
  • 5-3/4" overall length
  • 'Rapidaptor' quick release chuck
  • Extra long 3-1/2" bits
  • Includes: carry case, #1, #2, #3 Phillips; #1, #2, #3 Square; 7/32" Slotted; 3/32",  1/8", 5/32", 3/16 Hex; 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm Torx security

Manufacturer:Wera Tools
Available From:For the nearest dealer email Wera Tools or call 905-637-0003
Retail Price:$62.50 (27RA)
$120.00 (60RA)
Model #:27RA: driver plus 6 bits
60RA: driver plus 16 bits
Made In:Czechoslovakia
Carl Duguay, January 2011
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