Whitelisting Canadian Woodworking

Whitelisting Canadian Woodworking

Whitelisting Canadian Woodworking

What Whitelisting Is:

An ad block program, such as 'AdBlocke'r or '1Blocker', prevents ads from appearing on your computer or mobile device. They target certain kinds of ads, such as pop-ups, banner ads, and other common forms of online advertisement, allowing you to surf the Web without annoying distractions or interruptions.

However, some websites that you visit can have ads that you don't mind seeing - ads that are relevant to your interests. You can instruct your ad blocking program to 'whitelist' or allow a specific website to display ads. 

Why We Ask You to Whitelist:

At Canadian Woodworking we cut out all non-related advertising, and show you only ads that are related to woodworking. We think you’ll actually find the ads on our site aren’t that bad – in fact, some people come to our site specifically for the ads – because our advertisers represent the most recognized and dependable businesses in the industry.

Please support Canadian Woodworking, and it’s advertisers, by whitelisting us on your ad blocking program.
How to Whitelist CanadianWoodworking in Ad Blocker:

Open the Canadian Woodworking website. If you are a member of our Woodworking Forum we ask that you also repeat the steps below after you have opened the Forum.

Click on the Ad Blocker icon on your menu bar – it's in the top right hand corner, circled in red on the image below:

A drop down box will open like the one below. Click on the green checkbox. 


The checkbox will now change to a red X:


Click anywhere outside the drop down box and your done. This means that the ad blocking program will NOT block ads from CanadianWoodworking.

You can do this to any website if you want to see their ads. At any time you can turn ad blocking back on by repeating the steps above.

Thank you for supporting the Canadian Woodworking Website and Forum.

Paul Fulcher, Publisher