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Woodpecker Precision Bevel Gauges

Woodpeckers new Precision Bevel Gauges offer machine-shop accuracy in a design that exploits the best qualities of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum body is durable but lightweight, with a wear resistant anodized surface that helps it stand out in your toolbox.
The blade and all key elements of the locking mechanism are machined from stainless steel, which means that you’ll never have to worry about rust impeding the locking action or causing an angle setting to slip. And like the best bevel gauges of yesteryear, ours have the locking mechanism at the base of the body rather than on the side.
Woodpeckers Precision Bevel Gauges come in two sizes, 7” and 12”. The smaller bevel gauge is perfect for laying out joinery and attaining exact fits in typical furniture parts. To transfer angles for larger cabinetry, custom built-ins or other trim carpentry, our 12” gauge can't be beat. Any you might also want to consider our Angle Reference Plate. This indispensable tool is ideal for presetting your Bevel Gauge to a specific angle.
The Bevel Gauges and Angle Reference Plate are part of our OneTime Tool program and are only made to order in our shop just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Deadline to order yours is Monday July 21st. Delivery is scheduled for November, 2014.