Book Review: Working With Power Tools

A wealth of practical advice that woodworkers of just about any skill level will find useful.


Working With Power Tools

The Taunton Press has released a number of books that contain reprints of articles from past issues of Fine Woodworking Magazine.
Working With Power Tools brings together a fine sampling of articles on the most common woodworking power tools - router, table saw, bandsaw, drill press, jointer and planer, along with a few tools that might be less common in the average shop - chisel mortiser, shaper and oscillating spindle sander.
If you're not a subscriber to their magazine, then this book gives you a collection of some of the best, and most recent articles on power tools in one convenient tome.
Even if you are a subscriber, it's very convenient to have this collection of related articles assembled together, rather than having to hunt through numerous back issues to find an article.
I've found that, invariably, Taunton Press books are extremely well edited. The books are well laid out, easy to read, the photos are superb, and the illustrations excellent. This is likely due to the fact that they've been at it for such a long time - over 25 years - and have some of the best woodworkers in the country writing articles for them.
The articles in "Working With Power Tools" are no exception. They provide a wealth of practical advice that woodworkers of just about any skill level will find useful.
Articles Include: 
Biscuit Basics, Tony O'Malley
Choosing and Using a Scrollsaw, Paul Schürch
Oscillating Spindle Sanders, Bernie Maas
A Circular Saw in the Furniture Shop? Garrett Hack
Jigsaws in the Woodshop, Paul Anthony
Mortising with a Router, Gary Rogowski
All about Router Bits, Jeff Greef
Template-Routing Basics, Pat Warner
No-Frills Router Table, Gary Rogowski
The Ultimate Router Table, John White
Five Smart Router Jigs, Yeung Chan
A Tablesaw Primer: Ripping and Crosscutting, Kelley Mehler
Tablesaw Tune-Up, Roland Johnson
Tablesaw Kickback, Garrett Hack
Tablesaw Splitters and Blade Covers, Kelley Mehler
A Tablesaw Sled for Precision Crosscutting, Garrett Hack
Safe Procedures at the Tablesaw, Howard LeWin
Taming Tearout on the Tablesaw, Steve Latta
One-Stop Cutting Station, Ken Picou
Jigs for the Drill Press, Gary Rogowski
Best Practices for Drilling, Ernie Conover
Using a Hollow-Chisel Mortiser, John West
Choose the Right Drill Bit for the Job, Brian Boggs
Bandsaw Tune-Up, John White
Resawing on the Bandsaw, Ronald Volbrecht
All about Bandsaw Blades, Lonnie Bird
Soup Up Your 14-in. Bandsaw, John White
Jointer Savvy, Bernie Maas
Getting Peak Planer Performance, Robert Vaughn
The Jointer and Planer Are a Team, Gary Rogowski
Jointer Tune-Up, John White
How to Get Square, Stable Stock, Gary Rogowski
Jobs a Shaper Does Best, Lon Schleining
Taming Woodworking Noise, Jack Vernon
Dust Collection for the One-Man Shop, Anatole Burkin

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  • Portable and Benchtop Machinery
  • Routers
  • Tablesaws
  • Drill Presses and Hollow-Chisel Mortisers
  • Bandsaws
  • Jointers, Planers and Shapers
  • Working With Machines
  • Index
PUBLISHER:Taunton Press
AVAILABLE FROM:Your local bookseller or online
FORMAT:Softcover, 284 pages
AUTHOR:Paul Anthony, editor

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