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Ample power, light weight, easy one-hand cutting and comfortable to use. This saw makes the cut.

Worxsaw Cordless

Worxsaw Cordless Compact Circular Saw

PRICE:$209.99 (kit)
$129.99 (bare tool)
SOURCE: Find a Retailer
Power:Any Worx 20V battery
Speed:6900 RPM (no-load)
Blade Size:4-1/2"
Arbor Size:3/8"
Max Cutting Depth:1-1/2" at 90°; 1-1/16" at 45°
Bevel Capacity:0-46°
Weight:4lbs 10-1/4oz (with 20V battery installed)
Warranty:3 Years
  • 20V 2Ah battery(WA3575)
  • 1 hour charger (WA3881)
  • Parallel guide
  • Dust adapter
  • Hex key
  • Carry bag

Bigger can be better in some situations, but not always. Sometimes less can be more. The new Worxsaw cordless compact circular saw is a case in point.

At just over 4-1/2 pounds it's about half the weight of a typical 7-1/4" (and even a 6-1/2") circ saw. Which means it can be more easily used one-handed and fits better in tight places. If you have a lot of cutting to do it's less tiring to use, and for smaller hand it's a better fit than a large circ saw. True, it doesn't have the cutting capacity of a larger saw, but it can still dice up 2X stock at 90°. Like all 4-1/2" circ saws it won't cut a 2X clean through at 45°. You can easily finish the cut using a handsaw. I like having the blade on the left side as it makes it easier to follow the cut line. 

Just like a full size circ saw the Worxsaw can be used for plunge cutting. With it's 2Ah battery you can rip over 150 linear feet of 3/4" ply on a single charge, which isn't too skimpy. With a spare battery on hand you can saw till the sun comes up. Making long cuts in sheet goods is easy if you use an edge guide. 

The 24-tooth blade that comes with the Worxsaw cuts very smoothly. Once the blade is toast you can replace it with any 4-1/2" blade that has a 3/8" arbor hole.

The saw has a trigger lock that is an essential safety feature, a blade lock that holds the saw blade immobile while you remove the blade retaining screw, a  useful rip fence that can be installed on either th front end or back of the saw, a dust adaptor that connects to a 1-1/4" dust hose, and a high-efficiency brushless motor. Making blade height and bevel angle adjustments is quick and easy thanks to large, easy-to-grasp adjustment knobs. Once tightened everything stays firmly in place. A little set screw on the side of the bevel adjuster lets you set the blade exactly at 90ª to the base.

There are two annoyances with this saw. The stamped depth and bevel scales are awfully hard to read and neither have detents. There isn't on-board storage for the hex key that's used for both blade replacement and rip fence installation. 

Still, at just over $200 and with a 3-year warranty, this is good value in a compact cordless saw. Obviously, this saw isn't meant for use a job site, but for avid DIYers, hobbyist woodworkers, renovators, maintenance workers and various tradespeople who don't need to use a circ saw all day long and are most often making smaller cuts, it just might make the cut.  


Easy height adjustment, though no detents

Easy bevel adjustment - no detents either

Height scale is difficult to read

Fence can be installed at the front of the saw

Fence can also be installed at the rear of the saw

Adjustment screw to adjust the bevel exactly to 90°

The 24-tooth blade delivers a very smooth cut

Won't cut though a 2X at 45°

Ample power, light weight, easy one-hand cutting and comfortable to use

Carl Duguay
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